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Our Mission

The Decatur Avondale Children’s Choir (DACC) is committed to excellence in musical artistry and expression. Modeled after other respected community children’s choirs, the mission of the Decatur Avondale Children’s Choir is to be a fine performing choir exemplary of the participants, their families, and the larger arts community.


1) to provide children ages 6 to 18 with an excellent, enriching experience in choral singing;

2) to assist in developing each singer’s skills and artistry as a musician, vocalist, and performer;

3) to enhance each singer's appreciation for diverse cultures by performing distinctive choral literature from a wide variety of styles including: classical, sacred, folk, spirituals, pop, and Broadway show tunes in a variety of languages;

4) to help children learn to work together as a cohesive musical ensemble by building a team spirit within the group; and

5) to present entertaining and engaging live performances throughout the year. 

The Decatur Avondale Children's Choir is committed to inclusivity and diversity. The varied backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and life experiences of our singers add to the richness of the harmony we make together. All children are welcome to participate in the DACC regardless of their  ethnicity, color, religion, gender/sexual identity, background, or physical abilities. We strive to create an atmosphere where each singer is valued, respected, accepted, and loved.


Our Choirs

The DACC comprises four performing ensembles: The Apprentice Choir, The Advanced Choir, Ars Cantabile, and the Chamber Singers. The Apprentice Choir for singers 6 to 8 years old sings primarily in unison with occasional 2-part harmony. The Advanced Choir comprised of singers ages 9 to 12 presents two-part and occasional 3-part treble choir music selections. Ars Cantabile includes singers ages 12 to 17 and requires a separate audition. The Ars Cantabile choir sings 3-part and 4-part harmony, including parts for changed male voices. The Chamber Singers (our newest group) is made up of a small number of our most accomplished singers. The Chamber Singers present repertoire at the highest levels for youth age singers.


Rehearsals are held in the Choral Suite (Second Floor) of First Baptist Church of Decatur (GA) at the following times:



4:25 - 5:00 PM: Apprentice Choir

5:10 - 5:55 PM: Advanced Choir

6:05 - 7:00 PM: Ars Cantabile (Singers age 12+ who have passed an additional audition)


Our Community

The Decatur Avondale Children's  Choir has collaborated with these fine arts organizations in the Avondale/Decatur area:


Avondale Arts Alliance

Decatur City Dance

Decatur Civic Chorus

DeKalb Choral Guild

DeKalb School of the Arts

The Museum School of Avondale Estates

Special thanks to the
First Baptist Church of Decatur

The Decatur Avondale Children’s Choir would like to thank the members and staff of the First Baptist Church of Decatur for their tireless support and enthusiasm for the ADCC and for the use of the church's fine facilities and musical instruments. We could not function as a community-based choral ensemble without the generous support of First Baptist Church.

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